Balance Your Best Life Simplified!

I’m on a mission is to inspire you to find your balance in work, life and self-care.

You can bring harmony to your life with my practical and healthy ideas in these 5 key areas: organization, movement, connection, self-care, and nutrition.

My experience is based on 20 years within the IT corporate environment, combined with raising a family, including many additional extracurricular activities from yoga through to aromatherapy and even culinary courses.

Take the first step to balance your life! Download a free booklet with 15 useful tips.

As a second decisive step, take a look at my portfolio of products and services.

Dragostina Grancharova or Didi Grancha for short,
Founder of Expert Relax


“Dragostina is a super-organized person who can structure your day with a few easy and pleasant tips. She is an experienced and valuable mentor.”

Lucy Lisicheva

Sales Manager

“I saw in Dragostina a leadership talent to connect people with the right decision. She always gives an added value with an individual approach.”

Michaela Georgieva

Certified Career Consultant and Business Transformational Coach

“I like Dragostina’s very calming presence and her in-depth approach to yoga practices. She definitely grabs the attention of the audience.”

Richard Lanza

Founder of Open Doors Yoga Studios, USA

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