About me

I am Dragostina and my goal is to encourage you to transform your life by sharing practical advice so that you can find your balance in in work, life and self-care. You can call me Didi for short.

Over time, I have managed to build an easy approach to balancing work and life. I have focused on these 5 key areas:

Organization, Movement, Connection, Self-care, and Nutrition.

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My desire to help others with difficulties that I had experienced myself had inspired me to make a bold move… I founded Expert Relax. This transpired after my successful career at the American networking company Cisco. I followed my heart, even after hearing the news in 2019, according to Forbes, that this is the best company in the world to work for. 

Before I started inspiring people for an easy way to transform their lives, I worked for 20 years at Cisco, combining a business career, family and diverse additional interests.

I climbed the corporate ladder and took on several managerial positions during my vertical career path: education and training, telecommunications and business development.

I was successful. I flew all over the world. My first child had over 100 flights before he was born. My husband, who is not particularly sentimental, after yet another business trip was to greet me with a romantic postcard with a piglet on it saying “Miss you”, which I keep to this day.

I worked everywhere, anytime. If there was a project to finish, I didn’t see a problem going to bed at 2 a.m and then getting up at 5 a.m to finish it on time. It didn’t bother me, I felt significant. The big American company also comes with a lot of changes, and I’ve been able to embrace those changes with ease. For example,  in 20 years I had 22 different managers based in at least 10 countries and 3 continents.

I had to prove myself over and over again. Once I had to organize a big event in Barcelona, attended by our most prestigious clients. You could have guessed that all my energy was required for this opportunity. The event was brilliant. I received a leadership award and a personal congratulation from the Vice President of the region.

In addition, almost every night, when the kids went to bed, I stayed until midnight to pick up the house, clean and prepare food for the next day and take time to socialize with my husband.

After the event in Barcelona, I continued with my work and housekeeping tasks until one night I awoke to find my body shaking involuntarily, completely out of my control. For the first time in my life, I called for an ambulance. The doctors examined me, but they didn’t find what was wrong with me. It was just a nervous breakdown.

I decided to go for more check-ups. It wasn’t until I had visited the third neurologist that I came to realise. Her recommendation was for me to spend at least half an hour every day doing something for myself. Not for work, not for the kids, not for home… just for me.

One of my closest friends suggested that I should try yoga. Subsequently, this was when I discovered the power of yoga to achieve physical and mental balance. It was in 2012.

After considering several alternative approaches, I found myself turning to essential oils. I carried out my own  research in order to find the blend of oils regarding the balance of emotions that would be appropriate for me. I managed to get hold of them and was able to utilize them to my own benefit.

The anxiety gradually disappeared, and with it the feeling of guilt that I needed time for myself.

I also started to be interested in different approaches for structuring everyday life and work, so that the annoying obligations became less and the precious moments – more. I read everything I could about it.

How can we avoid cleaning at the weekends and still have a presentable home? I’d like to hug the author of Simply Clean.

 … Or… How to cook for the whole week in 2 hours? Pass that book over!

In my personal consultations, I share with you tips and recommendations in a synthesized form that you can apply immediately.

Yoga and aromatherapy remained a passion, which I developed to a professional level.  Though I am always looking to explore something new, I often include my family when I manage to find something: salsa dancing, sound therapy training, culinary courses…

I have also developed workshops to help you find your way to balance in life by applying tried-and-tested recipes. There is a choice of several business topics for corporate clients, as well as tips for everyday life.

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    About Me in Three Sentences

    Dragostina Grancharova is the founder of Expert Relax. This brand was born as a logical extension of her 20-years corporate career at Cisco to help others easily transform and balance their lives. She is married, with two grown-up boys and a husband who is a software engineer.

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    My Traditional Bio

    I worked for the leading American company Cisco for 20 years as a business development manager in the education and telecommunications sectors. I covered a large region: Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and the CIS. I have gone through countless corporate trainings – from "Speaking in Public" to "How to Deal with Conflict People". I graduated from the iconic Sofia Schools – 73rd 73.bg and Sofia Math School smg.bg.  I also have a bachelor's degree from the UK University of Lincoln www.lincoln.ac.uk . I am married to a software engineer and have two grown-up boys.

    During my corporate career, many of my colleagues began to approach me to become their mentor. This is how "Expert Relax" was born – my personal brand for advisory tips on how to transform and balance your life with ease.

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    My Experience in Details
    • Additional Qualifications and Certificates

      Business Trainings

      • Presentation skills
      • Development of Trainings
      • Delivering courses in a virtual environment
      • Negotiation skills
      • Dealing with conflict people
      • How to talk to the executive level
      • Emotional intelligence
      • Effective sales
      • Effective meetings
      • Managing successful virtual teams
      • Creating clear and effective marketing messages
      • Building resilience in times of constant change
      • Social networks and marketing for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Linkedin


      Yoga and Alternative Therapies Trainings

      • Certified yoga teacher and prenatal yoga teacher with the Global Yoga Alliance https://www.yogaalliance.org/TeacherPublicProfile?tid=252848, I actively teach at Yoga Vibe studios in Sofia  net
      • Certified face yoga teacher by the method of Danielle Collinsfaceyogaexpert.com
      • Yin Yoga Qualification from Open Doors Studiosopendoorsyogastudios.com
      • Completed courses in aromatherapy at the world-famous Robert Tisserand at Tisserand Institute org
      • Completed Sound therapy course atmedicineofsound.com
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