Online yoga practice for the upper body

60 mins

This practice will help you feel relief in 4 problem areas from the very first session

In short

Easy yoga practice for the upper body: face, neck, shoulders and back. It can be done in both an office environment or at home – without prior preparation, mats or special equipment.

The practice is a combination of proven warm up poses and beneficial holds. You will feel immediate relief in the stiffest areas of your body. Your posture will also improve.

The issues addressed

If your daily life passes mostly in a sitting position or in front of a computer, most likely your neck, back and shoulders will be quite stiff.

Through easy but special movements, self-massage, acupressure and relaxation, we will take care to remove the tension from the muscles in those specific areas. The exercises for the face can relieve TMS joint pain and headaches.

Benefits and results

  • The practice can be done anywhere, nothing special is needed, only your hands need to be clean and it is suitable for complete beginners.
  • You will take care of the correct posture of the body and prevent the so-called nerd or tech neck
  • You will feel both refreshed and relaxed.
  • You will counteract possible headaches, muscle tensions and anxiety.
  • You will tone the face and have a calmer and more radiant look.

The practice will include:

  • Special movements for the muscles of the face, neck and head: just as your body needs regular exercise to stay toned, the 57 muscles of the face, neck and head should also be trained. They are much smaller than those in the body, and visible results become prominent with regular practice.
  • Proven and effective movements from yoga to relax the shoulders and the back.
  • Short self-massage on acupressure points. With it we will support blood circulation, lymphatic flow and the removal of toxins, reduce tension and give a healthy appearance to the skin.
  • The practice ends with a short guided relaxation.

Choose the most suitable option for you to join this practice and contact me to book a session:

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