Personal online consultation to find your balance in life

  • 1 hour video call focused on achieving harmony between your own life and tasks at home or at work
  • Individual approach
  • Detailed custom suggestions for next steps by email
  • Suitable for a gift.

40 EUR/50 USD

Request a gift certificate here.

Online individual yoga practice

  • 1 hour video conferencing
  • Choice between upper-body yoga, hatha or yin yoga and prenatal yoga
  • Guided relaxation
  • Подходящо за подарък.
  • Details

25 EUR/30 USD

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Face to Face individual yoga practice, 60 minutes

  • The practice is held at Yoga Vibe San Stefano Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria. It Includes yoga in combination with relaxation, aromatherapy and/or sound therapy.
  • Suitable for a gift.

40 EUR/50 USD

Request a gift certificate here.


Corporate program for better physical and emotional well-being

  • Three month program designed for all employees at work or working remotely from home
Contact me and I will prepare an individual offer tailored to the specific needs of your company.

Training seminar, 60 minutes

  • Choose between business topics or useful tips for everyday life. At a company office or online.
50 EUR/ 60 USD

Seminar + yoga practice, 105 minutes

  • 60 minutes of training seminar followed by 45 minutes of full-body yoga practice. A spacious empty room and mats are required.
  • Services
  • Yoga.
75 EUR /90 USD

Yoginar, 90 minutes

  • Training seminar on a selected topic in combination with upper body yoga during the workshop (2 in 1).
60 EUR/ 75 USD
Online Online company yoga practice for the upper body, 60 minutes Includes face, neck and shoulderscompany yoga practice for the upper body, 60 minutes

50 EUR/60 USD for company participation, no limit on how many people can join

Group practice at Yoga Vibe San StefanoAccording to Yoga Vibe studio prices. LINK Multisport cards apply.

Important: Services that require in person meetings are available in the Sofia-city area. Please contact me for prices outside Sofia.  

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