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Personal Online Consultation to Find Your Balance in Life

Would you like to know what specific changes to make in order to find your balance in life? Or do you wish for a list of recommended steps in order to achieve harmony?

Then let’s meet online via video call.

During the online consultation I devote time and attention to your personal situation. After the meeting, you will receive detailed recommendations for the next steps by email. I use Skype, Viber, Webex, FB Messenger, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp…

Training Seminars and Webinars

I conduct trainings on specifically tailored topics at your company office or online. The trainings have been based on 20 years of personal business experience. Also very popular are the topics about different approaches to achieve balance in everyday life and self-care. There is no general or presupposed information in these seminars. Everything is clear and synthesized –I share only the most important things that you can apply immediately. The topics have been tailored according to the needs of the client.



Yoginar – a training seminar on a useful topic, combined with short breaks that include beneficial movements for the upper body. At every seminar, and in our daily lives, we sit for a long time. This leads to stiffness in the back and neck area and generates great discomfort for everyone. This motivated me to combine my business skills and the knowledge as a certified yoga teacher. This is how the Yoginars were born – while watching and listening to a live or online seminar with me, you will not only learn useful and easy to apply ideas, but you will also feel the beneficial effects of yoga movements on your shoulders, neck and back.

Company programs

When I work with employees and companies, I prepare individual programs which are longer in duration and take into account the specific needs and wishes of the management. The most frequently sought program is three months long “Balance”. It contributes to the physical and emotional well-being of all employees at work or at home if they work remotely. The program includes office/home-adapted upper-body yoga practices. They are performed directly at work and at home. There is no need for any additional equipment or mats. Remote participation via video conferencing is an option too. Employees’ families can also get involved. Practices can be supplemented with useful lectures on selected or pre-agreed topics, motivational and teambuilding games for employees, etc.

Yoga practices and products

Check the yoga section. 

Favorite products

Here I’ve listed a selection of products and services that I use personally, and recommend in my blog. (link to blog). Those companies are based in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Дерматология и лазерна естетика

Консултации по цветови анализ и личен стил.
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Натурални етерични масла и парфюми

Програма за възстановяване на естествената стойка на тялото

Арома дифузери и небулайзери.
Отстъпка от 5% с код: DIDI05



Хранителни добавки с колаген


Висококачествени етерични масла и дифузери.



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