Yoga and relaxation with Dragostina or Didi Grancha for short

Are you looking for a style of yoga aimed at modern people and accessible to everyone, even for complete beginners?

Do you need an effective method to cope with stiffness and pains.

Then my yoga classes are for you! The guided relaxation at the end of each session contributes to feeling more relaxed and in harmony with yourself.

I am a certified yoga teacher with additional qualifications in Yin Yoga, Face Yoga and Prenatal Yoga since 2019.

I teach group and individual sessions.

I’d like to welcome you to the wonderful Yoga Vibe studios for face to face yoga practices.

Schedule of my group practices at Yoga Vibe San Stefano Studio
address: Sofia, 22 San Stefano Str.

Monday, 8:00 p.m. – Therapeutic yoga, 55 minutes

Thursday, 1:15 p.m. – Face Yoga, 55 minutes

Thursday, 14:30 – Prenatal Yoga, 55 minutes

Sunday, 16:00 – Yin Yoga with Tibetan bowls, 80 minutes


Schedule of my group practices Yoga Vibe East

Address: Sofia, 15 Raiko Alexiev str

Tuesday and Thursday 9 am – Yoga for ladies 55+, 55 minutes

Sunday, 18:30 – Yin Yoga with Tibetan bowls, 80 minutes

Description of the practices I teach:

  • Therapeutic yoga starts with a warm-up for all joints, series of restorative poses for the whole body and ends with relaxation.
  • Yin Yoga: very slow practice with poses only on the ground and long holding times for each posture. It is highly relaxing and focuses on different issues with immediate relief for stiffness and aches. Benefits the connective tissue, tendons and ligaments.
  • Prenatal Yoga: an adapted yoga practice for the period of pregnancy, with a focus on the overall physical health of the pregnant woman, building a relationship with the baby while practicing, and releasing oneself from fears, tension and stress.
  • Relaxation with sound therapy and/or aromatherapy: During the yoga practice with me you can also experience the beneficial vibrations of sound therapy instruments– Tibetan bowls, bells, kalimba, natural sounds and others.

*Contact me for individual yoga or online yoga practices


Yin Yoga Bliss App

Приложение за ин йога на английски и български език

Това приложение за iPhonе е създадено с много внимание и грижа от невероятен екип от йога учители и софтуерни специалисти. Своята позитивна енергия в съдържанието му са вложили учителят по терапевтична йога на световно ниво Шон Корнелисън и аз – Драгостина Грънчарова, неговa старателна ученичка.

  • Ин йога е много бавна практика, която работи в дълбочина със съединителната тъкан чрез релаксиращи пози на земя и дълги задържания.
  • Yin Yoga Bliss ви помага да практикувате ин йога навсякъде, където и когато пожелаете.
  • 48 подробно обяснени пози.
  • Таймер с приятни терапевтични звуци.
  • Готови практики с различна продължителност и фокус.

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